Does Your Opinion Really Matter?

I have been trying to wrap my head around the healthcare debate for months now. Who hasn’t? Perhaps by now, you’ve taken a stand about your opinion on whether or not America should change our policies regarding healthcare. 

I keep asking myself these three questions (and maybe a few others); what is right, what is wrong, did President Obama overstep the boundaries of his office by creating law without consensus from the American people. I feel this last question is as important as the first two because the last thing we want in a democratic society is a dictatorship of laws (right or wrong) that will affect the country in such profound ways, that it will change the lives of every American from this point forward. It is as important as the right to bear arms and the freedom of speech. It affects how we will live and die from this point forward.

I think the American people need to consider the above questions with unfaltering scrutiny. And they need to ask a few questions of their own. At this point, it is not really an option for any American to either talk about it or not; care or not. It is simply a social responsibility.

Whether or not you support the healthcare law that was enacted by President Obama, the “problem” remains the same. He has opened that can of worms and we cannot go back. We all know that. We need effective and responsible laws that limit abuses from insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and lobbyists alike that ensure skyrocketing costs for much-needed coverage and medicines. We need a higher quality system of care on all levels. We need to find a way to untie the hands of doctors  and emergency personnel because the insurance companies limit quality of care due to what insurance you or may not carry.

The list goes on and on but my point is this. Why is it that this law was enacted without the consensus of the people? Why did it take President Obama to step over the proverbial line to make something happen that the people have been demanding from their politicians for decades? Why are politicians opposing  this law baiting voters with statements such as “higher taxes” “small business killer” and “welfare”.

To further scrutinize the issue, why are we letting politicians get away with telling the American people what to think? Do you feel that we need reform? Would you like to have insurance coverage if you found yourself without work for an extended period of time? How do you feel about paying higher premiums each year with no end in sight? How do you feel about paying higher taxes for healthcare when you are uninsured? Or, would you rather pay a higher premium or pay for uninsured Americans if your premiums were reigned in through this law? I don’t recall being asked by either major party how I felt about these issues. It almost feels as if they simply don’t care and want you to go to battle for them by espousing their rhetoric.

I have followed debates on this issue through CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post and a few other recognizable media outlets. Needless to say, I’m not satisfied with what I’m hearing and reading on both sides of the issue. I feel that I am being told what to think, how to feel, and what to be angry about and who to be angry with.

Republicans and Democrats alike never point out the flaws in their own arguments for or against the law; all they can do is argue why they are right. But I find it more disturbing that the concerns of the American People seems to fall on deaf ears to anyone who has a mic and an agenda, politicians and news agencies alike.

That said, I slowly began to realize that the issues of the healthcare debate can be capitalized all day long by every politician who now feels that voting with party lines is the voice of the American people and by every medium known to man which is essentially accessible to U.S. citizens. I also realized that the real and only legitimate source for information about what is “bugging” Americans about “Obamacare” is simply, Americans.

Now this part might sound silly to some and probably down right idiotic to others but I have regrettably turned to sources such as “Yahoo News” and don’t laugh “Facebook” to see what people are saying. I’ve traversed blog after blog of people flying off the handle about why Obamacare is the answer to the issue of healthcare reform, to this being the first sign of the Armageddon.

Now, the giggles and snarky remarks aside about including the above mentioned sites in my research, I have found these sources to be a wellspring of unfiltered thought and emotion that was refreshing! It was not the riveting articles that got my attention about how Justin Bieber gets punched in the face in his new video (Yeah!) or how a TV actress “Sizzled” in a skin-tight red dress at her show’s fall premier.

As I was reading threads of conversation from hundreds of Americans about the Health Care Reform Act, I saw a spark of what I have deemed the “lost American spirit”.

This is my own diagnosis of how the American people somehow went from self thinkers and dauntless defenders of the spirit of democracy to being hypnotized by the rhetoric of the politicians who will speak on behalf of terrorists if the price is right. Though I did see a lot of parroting of politicians who do nothing to contribute to a solution, espousing from many commentators, I also saw a lot of original thought about genuine concerns on both sides of the debate.

So, why is that politicians seem to have cotton balls stuffed in their ears when it comes to the opinion of the American people? This question is rhetorical of course as we all know that politics run deep into the pockets of big business. Simply put, it may well constitute political prostitution. The public only gets in the way. Hence, God, in all of his infinite wisdom warned us long ago that the love of money is the root of all evil.

This is a serious issue and I truly do not believe we grasp as a whole, how serious it is. This issue will literally shape the future of America, define and govern future laws that will affect each and every single person in this country. It will affect our Mothers, our Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, and our children. The question is, do we now stand and let the politics of our current government shape this future? Or, do we affect change by doing what we do best, decide for ourselves, what is best for our country, now and in the future.

Listen and opine with one goal in mind; your opinion counts and it matters. Now, let’s find common ground to move forward.

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