The New American Prostitute Holds Political Office

Prostitution: The practice of exchanging sex for money, goods or favors…

 Political Prostitution: The practice of a person or entity having influence on a political party or government and using such leverage for political gain on behalf of the person(s) or entity that has paid them. It does not matter if they are a terrorist group or not.

“…New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani; ex-Homeland Security…boss Tom Ridge; Newt Gingrich; former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean; former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell; former head of the 9/11 commission Lee Hamilton; former Obama National Security Adviser James Jones; ex-CIA Director James Woolsey; and retired generals Wesley Clark and Peter Pace; ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton…”(Christian Science Monitor)

Hmmm…These supposed leaders, advisers, lawmakers, and protectors of our nation are the public office “puppets” of a terrorist organization that has plotted and has succeeded in killing Americans (and our allies) time and time again. In recent months, they have been accused of having ties with Al-Qaeda; paying off mercenaries to falsify signatures on “dummy” ballots of officials so the Iranian based organization can remain in a foreign country; and paying off political leaders in the United States to declare a politician’s war to decriminalize their group and take them off of the Terrorist Watch list.

They are also being named in 114 lawsuits filed against the M.E.K. with claims  of “repressive practices (and) crimes committed by the MEK elements against Shiites and the Kurds in Tuz Khurmatu, Kafri, Jalula and south of the country during the 1991 uprising against the former regime…” (

These are just a few of the unsavory, intolerable issues surrounding the M.E.K. organization that some American politicians have been so eager to defend. Additonally, let no one forget that the leader of M.E.K. Maryam Rajavi, in callous disregard for human life supposedly stated “Take The Kurds Under Your Tanks, And Save Your Bullets For The Iranian Revolutionary Guards” while employed by her former boss and now deceased dictator, Saddam Hussein.

Ms. Rajavi herself is accused of running the M.E.K. and treating its members as if they belong to a cult as opposed to a resistance group seeking to overthrow the theocracy of the Iranian regime. Reports of journalists have flooded all forms of medium screaming to anyone who takes the time to listen to the obvious warning signs that Rajavi is not the answer but another headache on a global scale.

“They recounted how people were locked up if they disagreed with the leadership or tried to escape; some were even killed…Friendships and all emotional relationships are forbidden. From the time they are toddlers, boys and girls are not allowed to speak to each other. Each day at Camp Ashraf you had to report your dreams and thoughts.” (Elizabeth Rubin, New York Times).

Most of the above “lobbyists” have all either directly or indirectly received money to campaign on behalf of M.E.K. to be taken off of the terrorist watch list (though former FBI Director Louis Freeh denies receiving any financial compensation for speaking on behalf of this terror group, which still begs the question as to why he has staunchly thrown all sense, reason and caution to the wind in support of this organization). The pockets of M.E.K. are deep, after all they were paid by Saddam Hussein to carry out acts of terror against Kurds, Iranians, Americans, and other nations.

All of these individuals should be ashamed that they so greedily jumped onto this “bandwagon or political prostitution” for the sake of keeping their names in the political spotlight or being paid like the hooker at the nearest street corner. At least prostitutes and hookers sell their own souls, not the souls of the American people who entrusted them to not disgrace the offices they once held or hold today.

How is that we have lost sight of what America stands for and what we have fought for and against as recently as 9/11 to provide a theoretical safe haven for democratic ideology and living.  We have paid for our beliefs with our blood and our tears. We have paid for our democracy with the blood of our Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Husbands and Wives. Where have we lost our way that we so blindly and so abhorrently are willing to self-destruct under the guise that democracy is tantamount to the prostitution of our political system and our party leaders?

We hear about these issues today and we stand idly by and watch as these individuals who represent (present or past) the most altruistic spirit of our government as they sell their wares to the highest bidder in order to line their pockets and pad their retirement accounts with blood money.

No matter what others say or who feels that the M.E.K. has fought against the tyranny of the Iranian government and represent the people of Iran, we can never forget who we are in the process.  Screw them. It is not about them. It is about what we have become, what we have been willing to tolerate, and what we have been willing to sacrifice as Americans and free thinkers in the name of a democratic society that we no longer recognize.

 The spirit of America has been broken, either through the bombardment of monetary influence that has seeped into the veins of our nation as a whole, or through our own laziness to not attempt to recognize and remove those in power who have manipulated our political system for personal gain.

 As Americans, we do not stand with those who assist dictators in raping the land of their enemies and kill innocent civilians for a price. If we begin to tolerate the actions of foreign entities with the history of Rajavi and the M.E.K. we might as well declare ourselves as part of a one world government with no boundaries of our own and no sense of American morales and American justice.

 Being paid as a current or former political leader to speak on behalf of any lobbyist domestic or foreign should be considered at the very least an improper use of your title and position. In reality, it should be a felony if not treasonous and punishable by hefty fines and prison time (not six months in jail) worthy of your treasonous acts.

When one is voted or appointed to office, you are an influential member of any political party and currently hold or have held a public position. You are serving the people of the United States. When you sell that position to anyone or any entity at the price of further recognition or just one penny, then it pretty much sounds like political prostitution to me…


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